A cat called Harvey

‘A cat called Harvey’ was written to support children of parents diagnosed with cancer and based on a true story. Harvey understands the need to be free, to escape and to socialize. Socially confident but somewhat rebellious to house instruction, Harvey’s adventures lead him down a path of destruction. Lessons are learnt and passed on including the power of unconditional love, boundaries to keep us safe and secure and the importance of following instructions. Currently being published and release date to be advised.

Written by Vanessa Trengove (Vanessa Adelaide) for Carrie McIver

Published by Vanessa Adelaide

I am excited about Hope and change and believe all things are possible. I am passionate about supporting people in social and emotional development. Supporting the overall well being of all generations fires my heart. With support even those on the margins of society can flourish, live good lives and contribute positively to society.

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