A cat called Harvey

‘A cat called Harvey’ was written to support children of parents diagnosed with cancer and based on a true story. Harvey understands the need to be free, to escape and to socialize. Socially confident but somewhat rebellious to house instruction, Harvey’s adventures lead him down a path of destruction. Lessons are learnt and passed onContinue reading “A cat called Harvey”

Connor the Kangaroo from Kalgoorlie

‘Connor the Kangaroo from Kalgoorlie ‘ was written to support the sometimes difficult but important decision of changing environment for well-being. Changes for children can be unsettling and sometimes disruptive, this story looks at the positive aspects of re locating and changing environment for the pursuit of happiness. In a troubling world, events such asContinue reading “Connor the Kangaroo from Kalgoorlie”

Nana loves dress ups

‘Nana loves dress ups’ was written at a time when children could not visit their grandparents due to Australian state border restrictions during COVID. This story looks at the importance of family, family tradition and having fun with your kin. Family traditions play a special role in sculpting children’s sense of identity. It is importantContinue reading “Nana loves dress ups”

Online Story Reading

Online story reading for children currently reading ‘The Forgotten Toys’ series available for Primary School children aged 5-8 years. Focusing on Junior Primary (years 1 – 3) student mental health and well-being. Co-ordination of reading appointments to be made via your School Psychologist, Chaplain or Councillor. Bookings are now available for term 4, 2021 forContinue reading “Online Story Reading”